Looking at the King County Elections webpage there are still over 30,000 ballots out.

Go get your ballot, mark “NO” and put it in the mail or run it over to the box.

Your vote counts and we need it to make sure that Renton Public Library stays Independent.

Thanks so much for your votes and your support.


Submitted by Marice on November 24th

Hello Library Lovers!

I am a Library Lover. I think Renton Residents should VOTE NO on the KCLS ANNEXATION. Why????

Well, watch this blog. Ask us your questions. KCLS, please, please answer our questions, which so far we’ve found elusive. The Renton City Council in voting 6-1 to put the issue up to the voters, individually said they were concerned about the treatment of the current Library Staff. So far, their is intrigue as to who is holding up negotions with the KCLS Union and Renton’s 2170 Union. This blog will post all available public information as soon as it is available.

No doubt there will be a pro-annexation-to-KCLS campaign. Equal time and space will be give to each side. THAT IS THE GOAL OF THIS CAMPAIGN: ALL FACTS AVAILABLE TO THE VOTERS.

Get all facts. And Please VOTE. Feb. 3, 2010.

Thanks for reading!