The anticipation is killing me. Looks like we will not know the results till tomorrow, maybe? Randy Corman said it may end up being a recount but I wondered if in a local election like this if that is going to happen and if it does happen who pays for it.

Everyone who voted should track their ballot to make sure that their vote has been counted, especially those who dropped their ballot in the box that was left on Grady Way. You can check the status of your ballot here.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that those last votes are on our side.


There has been a lot of discussion on this blog about taxes, control, customer service and community but yesterday at our meeting we talked about having choices. It wasn’t until I was doing some shopping at Target and saw that they had 12 irons to choose from that I realized a major talking point about this annexation is that it limits our choices.

Having choices is what America is all about. Coke or Pepsi, Mc Donald’s or Burger King, Sprint or Verizon….. the list goes on and on but you get the point. Right now Renton residents have the choice – the Renton Public Library or KCLS. Why are we voting to take our choice away?

When you go to vote this February think about what you want when it comes to library service. Do you want to have the choice between the Renton Public Library and KCLS or do you only want KCLS? The choice is yours.