The Vote No ‘Til You Knowers will be meeting this Sunday, December 20th at 2pm at New Life Church and everyone is invited. If you are concerned about the future or our independent, local, amazing awesome library then please come to this meeting.

We know that the holiday season is busy but there are only 56 days left until the mail-in ballots are due at the elections office and since ballots are scheduled to be mailed on January 6th we have limited time to get our message out. If you can’t make the meeting because of this busy season but would like to be involved please contact us by leaving a comment or by using the contact form below.

Thanks to all who have supported our effort, we can not do it without you and please keep spreading the word to keep the library local. New Life Church is located at 15711 152nd Street Ave Se, off of Maple Valley Highway. Go in the main front door, turn left at the hallway, turn right at the end of the hallway and go to room 215. Hope to see all of you library lovers there.