One of the reasons that I love the Renton Public Library is the sense of community that it has. Every time I go to the library I know that I will see familiar faces and a lot of those faces know us by name. I can say from experience that is something that never happens at KCLS, in fact in all of the times that I have visited the Fairwood Library, which is over 50, I have seen the same face 2 times…. 2 times. I don’t know anyone that works at the Fairwood Library and I know they don’t know me, I think it may have something to do with the fact that all patrons are encouraged to use the self checkout but that is not the point.

If you are a regular library patron I don’t have to tell you the level of customer service that exists at the Renton Public Library but if you are not a regular I feel the need to tell you an incident that happened not too long ago when I returned some books and movies.

A few weeks ago my son and I went to the library for storytime, like we do almost every week,  and of course I had a stack of books and movies that needed to be returned. I dropped my returns at the desk and headed over to the kids section to find a seat.

Not 2 minutes after sitting down, Maureen, one of the librarians came right over, addressed me by name and informed me that I had forgotten to bring back the actual disc of one of the movies we had checked out. After my embarrassment subsided Maureen assured me that it was no big deal and she even renewed the movie for me so I would not have to worry about getting a late fee.

These days this type of customer service is not common and I fear it is not typical of the customer service that KCLS offers. You see the Renton Public Library is part of the Renton community and because the employees are not clustered like they are at KCLS they can invest the time into getting to know their patrons.

I am not saying that KCLS is a bad library, I use it myself. I am just saying that KCLS is a different type of library that offers a level of service that is differrent from the Renton Public Library. Right now I have a choice of what library I want to use and I don’t want that choice to be taken away from me and that is why I am encouraging everyone to “Vote No” when it comes to annexing to the KCLS.

Please keep our library local and keep our community strong.