We are a group of committed Renton residents and non-residents who are fighting to keep the Renton Public Library local and independent.

We are committed to keeping the library local and finding ways to fund the library that benefits Renton not KCLS.


2 Responses to “Who We Are”

  1. ebmk96 Says:

    Sign me up!


  2. Lars Jonsson Says:

    My name is Lars Jonsson. Writing from Seweden. I hope there is some old citizens there who remember times that have gone. I´m looking for my relativs in Renton. They emigated from Sweden in the ealy 1900. One was Fred Johnson who 1955 lived at May Creek Rd in Renton. I think they had a farm. At that time he was about 70 years old. He was born i Lomiastorp Gräsmark Sweden in 1885. He had 3 children Betty born 1932, Gene 1927 and Jenny (Jennie) 192?. Jennie had 4 girls, two of them where twins, born 1945,47 and 49.
    He also had a brother Oscar who worked in a mine in Renton in the midle of the 50:ies.

    I dont have the names of their wifes, but as they had children i suppose they where married. 🙂

    If someone reading this knows anything about the matter please let me know. Mail me at

    I would be nice if You who reading this also ask around at the local newpapers librarys etc.

    Lars Jonsson Tuna-Huljen 115 86013 Stöde

    004660582031 0046705582031


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