If you are upset at the way in which the City of Renton presented the facts to voters you are not alone. There are glaring inconsistencies in the City’s information and they need to be held accountable.

As the results continue to be posted the “no” votes have closed the gap everyday, which leads one to believe that those who voted first had mis-information.

Take for example the City’s retraction of the bogus numbers that had been distributed in the December utility bill. The retraction was issued on January 28th ballots were mailed to voters on Jan 20th – a retraction 8 days after ballots were mailed. The retraction was not highly publicized by the City one had to seek it out on their website. This is not proper election etiquette not does it make the City look good when they are trying to decide “what is best for Renton residents”.

If conduct like this angers you please write a letter to the City of Renton and let them know you are not going to stand for election results that are not based on factual information.