The Seattle Times ran an article about the other Prop 1 that is on the ballot for those already in the KCLS service area.

Those of you who are thinking about voting “yes” need to understand that your taxes for library service could potentially go up every year from here on out. As the article points outs the information provided in the voters pamphlet by KCLS is misleading. The voters pamphlet makes the tax increase look like a one time deal when in fact it sets the rate for the tax base at $0.50 per $1,000 A/V. In the future when the library is in need of more funding the rate will go even higher.

This is not the time to impose such a big tax increase on Renton voters, especially when that rate will be raised when KCLS says it needs to. As we have stated time and time again on this blog Renton libraries can get the improvements that they need with a smaller and temporary tax increase.

If you have not already voted please get your ballot, mark “no” and put it in the mail. Let’s keep KCLS out of our Renton library, keep taxes down and keep local control.