A business owner knows a good deal when they see one, they also know how to spot a bad deal. Renton business owners realize that joining KCLS means they will see a big increase in their  taxes and in this tough economy that is just not what they need. Just look at our own Downtown community, we have lost so many businesses in the last year.

So, I want to give a big THANKS to all the businesses in Renton who have helped us educate voters on the facts about annexation into the KCLS. You have allowed us to inform more people than you know.

Happy Delusions     

Liberty Cafe

DC’s Bar and Grill          

Common Ground Coffee and Cupcakes

PIP Printing               

The Comic Den

R&R Graphics                  

CD Danza Salon and Spa

Jet City Espresso                

Enjoy Teriyaki

Teriyaki Boxes                   


Pieces Quilt Shop Inc 

Images Salon

A-1 Vacuum

Lifetime Muffler

Go Deli

Mroczek Brothers Auctioneers

Renton Western Wear

Sewing Machine Service Company

We realize that the pro-annexation campaign has the support of a lot of elected officials and even senators but we have business owners. We have  small business owners, many that are in their shops every day working hard in our community – they know what is best for this community because they are in touch with this community. Don’t be swayed by the names be convinced by the facts.  Vote “NO” on Prop 1 and keep our local library independent.