Submitted by Librophile

“MYTH: Renton’s budget-per-item is significantly less than KCLS’, and therefore, Renton Libraries are more efficient. FACT: This statement is a manipulation of facts. The reason Renton’s ‘cost per item’ is less than KCLS’ is because 1) Renton Libraries are and have been underfunded for decades, and 2) Renton’s older, obsolete and tattered items aren’t replaced as often as they should be (i.e. Buyer’s Guides that are 5-10 years old).”

Yes, Renton Libraries have been underfunded for years, but the fact still remains that the cost of doing business on a per item basis is significantly less. Because Renton’s library staff have had to do more with less for so long, they are quite efficient at it. So why would we think it is better to put our tax dollars to work for a system that is much bigger and perhaps less efficient because of it?

Oh, and when items get old and tattered and obsolete, the LIBRARIANS DO REPLACE THEM! If you ask any of them what they are doing while they’re busily pouring over book review magazines at their desks every day, they’ll tell you they are selecting new materials. There are some buyers guides, etc. that don’t get updated as readily but it isn’t for lack of money. There are usually other factors involved such that they have not yet been re-published or that title is no longer being published or has been replaced by something else, etc. To say that Renton doesn’t update “older, obsolete, and tattered items as often as they should” due to lack of funds is the manipulation of facts….also called a myth.