Vote No on Prop 1

Last night the Renton City Council put a public meeting on the agenda to further discuss the annexation to KCLS. The room was filled with individuals who oppose the annexation to KCLS and they let the Renton City Council know it.

We just want to say “Thank You” to all who showed up to show your support for the Renton Public Library, even if we did not sway individuals on the City Council to change their positions we definitely made them think.

Thanks again and with the support of this awesome Renton community we can Save the Renton Public Library. Let’s keep the momentum, if you would like to get involved to help save the library just let us know by leaving a comment, or using the contact form below. We can do this…

If you were not at the meeting you can watch the replay on Channel 21, check out the replay schedule here.

Vote No on Prop 1