Up to this point we have been talking about what the cost of annexation to KCLS would mean to the residents of Renton. Well, annexation will have an impact on everyone in Renton, especially business owners.

All property owners in Renton are required to pay property tax, if annexation to KCLS passes that means that property tax on businesses will also increase. Please note that not all business owners in Renton are property owners, most have landlords. An increase in property taxes for building owners can only mean an increase in rent prices for our business owners. This translates in higher prices for the goods and services provided by these businesses.

Have you seen Downtown Renton lately? We have had a lot of businesses close lately and  we can not afford to put any additional financial burden on our beloved businesses, the terrible state of the economy has already done this.

Library annexation will affect EVERYONE – property owners, business owners, library staff, library patrons, non-library patrons and all people who frequent Renton business.

Vote No on Prop 1. Help our business owners keep their overhead low so that they can continue to operate their businesses here in Renton – We need them. If you know a business owner in Renton pass this information on the them, they deserve to know that they can be impacted by this.

Vote No on Prop 1