Back in May of 2006 the Seattle Times ran an article about KCLS Director Bill Ptacek, you can read it here.

The article said something that astounded us over here at the Vote No campaign, “Union-represented workers in the King County Library System have cast an overwhelming vote of no confidence in the system’s longtime director, Bill Ptacek.”

322 librarians and library assistants participated in the vote and of that 92% voted “no confidence” in their director. At the time that this article was written the union represented 523 librarians and library assistants. It wasn’t until 30 grievances against Bill Ptacek were filed that he showed an interest in what his employees were talking about. If he does not have an interest in what his own employees are saying how are citizens expected to be heard?

Vote No on Prop 1

Update : Here is a link to Library Journal which also discusses the vote of no confidence and the steps taken by KCLS.